Team Members


David Lo

Lee Kuan Yew Fellow
B.Eng (NTU), PhD (NUS)

David Lo is an ACM Distinguished Member (Scientist) and Professor of Information Systems at Singapore Management University, leading the Software Analytics Research (SOAR) group. His research interest is in the intersection of software engineering and data science, encompassing socio-technical aspects and analysis of different kinds of software artefacts, with the goal of improving software quality and developer productivity. His work has been published in major and premier conferences and journals in the area of software engineering, AI, and cybersecurity attracting substantial interest from the community. He has won more than 10 international research and service awards including 6 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper awards. His work has been supported by NRF, MOE, NCR, AI Singapore, and several international research projects. He has served in more than 30 organizing committees and numerous program committees of research conferences including serving as general or program co-chairs of ASE 2020, SANER 2019, ICSME 2018, ICPC 2017, and ASE 2016. He is also serving in the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Information and Software Technology, Information Systems, and Neurocomputing (Software Section). His former PhD students have secured faculty positions (University of Melbourne, Australia; Queen’s University, Canada; Mississippi State University, USA; ITTelkom Surabaya, Indonesia) and employment at high-tech industries (Microsoft, Canada; Schroder Investment Management, Luxembourg; Hudson River Trading, Singapore; Veracode, Singapore) around the globe.

Lingxiao Jiang

Associate Professor
B.Sc.,M.Sc., (Peking University), PhD (University of California)

Lingxiao Jiang is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. He worked as a test strategist at Nvidia for half a year before he joined the faculty of SCIS at SMU. He is broadly interested in the area of Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Systems, Security, and Data Mining. He has been spending substantial efforts on software mining, program analysis, code search & reuse, program comprehension & generation, aiming to provide practical techniques and tools for enhancing software reliability, increasing development productivity, reducing maintenance cost, and improving user experience. He received the 2018 ACM SIGSOFT Impact Paper Award. The annual award is presented to authors of papers published at least ten years ago that have been deemed highly influential by the international software engineering community. A general theme of his work is mining and analysis for software engineering, such as detection of code clones, code query processing, detection of bugs, search for bug fixes, deep learning of code, and search for better testing & debugging techniques. The search is being carried out on various contextual data sources in addition to program code itself, such as code change histories, program bug databases, test suites, developer activities, user feedbacks, and socio-technical information pertaining to the complex interactions between people and technologies in both software development processes and real-world usage scenarios. To enable the extraction of information from various data sources and to enable efficient search and analysis, various technologies are being employed, such as static & dynamic program analysis, software engineering methodologies, data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, and distributed computing techniques.

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Research Staff and PhD Students

Ferdian THUNG

Research Scientist, started Sep 2018

  • PhD, SMU, supervised by David Lo
  • B.Eng., Bandung Institute of Technology

DongGyun HAN

Research Scientist, started May 2021

  • PhD, University College London, supervised by Jens Krinke
  • MPhil, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Nghi D. Q. Bui

Research Scientist, started Sep 2020

Stefanus Agus Haryono

Research Engineer, started Oct 2019

  • M.Sc., Bandung Institute of Technology
  • B.Eng., Bandung Institute of Technology

Muhammad Hilmi ASYROFI

Research Engineer, started Nov 2019

  • B.Eng., Bandung Institute of Technology


Research Engineer, started Sep 2020

Chengran YANG

Research Engineer, started Sep 2020

  • B.S., UESTC

Kien Luong

Research Engineer, started Nov 2020

  • B.S., HCMUT

Truong Giang Nguyen

Research Engineer, started March 2021

  • B.S., Vietnam National University

Jieke SHI

Research Engineer, started Jun 2021

  • B.Eng., Yangzhou University

Gede Artha Azriadi PRANA

PhD student, started Jan 2017

  • M.Tech., National University of Singapore
  • B.Eng.(Hons), Nanyang Technological University

Bowen XU

PhD Student, started Aug 2017

Hong Jin Kang

PhD Student, started Jan 2019

  • B.Sc., National University of Singapore


PhD Student, started Jan 2020

  • MSc, Nanyang Technological University
  • B.Eng, Sun Yat-sen University

Ratnadira Widyasari

PhD Student, started Aug 2020

  • M.Sc., Bandung Institute of Technology
  • B.Eng., Bandung Institute of Technology

Imam Nur Bani YUSUF

PhD Student, started Aug 2020

  • B.Eng., Bandung Institute of Technology


PhD Student, started Sept 2020

  • B.Eng., Beijing Institute of Technology


Research Assistant, started Nov 2020

  • B.I.T, James Cook University

AW Khai Loong

Research Intern, started May 2021

  • Current B.S Student at SMU


Research Intern, started May 2021

  • Current B.S Student at SMU

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Undergraduates Students

SIM Sheng Qin

Jack PHAN Da Jie

Fiona WEE Hui Yu

Constance TAN Hui Yan


Graduated PhD Students

  • Lucia (Thesis: Ranking-Based Approaches for Localizing Faults) Employment: Schroder Investment Management, Luxembourg
  • Shaowei Wang (Thesis: Multimodal Code Search) Employment: Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, USA
  • Yuan Tian (Thesis: Mining Bug Repositories for Automatic Software Bug Management: From Bug Triaging to Patch Backporting) Employment: Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, Canada
  • Pavneet S. Kochhar (Thesis: Testing and Debugging: A Reality Check) Employment: Microsoft, Canada
  • Tien-Duy B. Le (Thesis: Hybrid-Based Approaches for Software Fault Localization and Specification Mining) Employment: Hudson River Trading, Singapore
  • Ferdian Thung (Thesis: Recommending APIs for Software Evolution) Employment: Research Scientist, SMU, Singapore
  • Xuan-Bach B. Le (Thesis: Overfitting in Automated Program Repair: Challenges and Resolutions) Employment: Lecturer (equiv. to Assistant Professor), University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Siqi Ma (Thesis: Automatic Vulnerability Detection and Repair; Co-Advisor) Employment: Data 61, CSIRO, Australia
  • Abhishek Sharma (Thesis: Social Software Development: Insights and Solutions) Employment: Research Fellow, Living Analytics Research Center, Singapore
  • Agus Sulistya (Thesis: Making Sense of Crowd-Generated Contents in Domain-Specific Settings) Employment: Telkom, Indonesia

Former Postdocs

  • Lingfeng Bao (Jun 2017 – Sep 2018) Employment: Distinguished Researcher, Zhejiang University City College, China
  • Zhiyuan Wan (July – Dec 2018) Employment: Postdoc, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Tien-Duy B. Le Employment: Hudson River Trading, Singapore

Long-Term (1 year or longer) Visiting PhD Students (incomplete list):

  • Xiaoyin Wang, from Peking University, China (2008 –2009) Employment: Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
  • Xin Xia, from Zhejiang University, China (2012 –2014) Employment: Lecturer (equiv. to Assistant Professor), Monash University, Australia
  • Zhang Yun, from Zhejiang University, China Employment: Associate Professor, Zhejiang University City College, China
  • Weiqin Zou, from Nanjing University, China

Short-Term Visiting PhD Students (incomplete list):

  • Tegawende Bissyande, from University of Bordeaux, France (2012)
  • Le An, from University of Montreal, Canada (2017)
  • Xuan Huo, from Nanjing University, China (2018)
  • Marcos Cesar de Oliveira, from University of Brasilia, Brazil (2018)

Former Students

Bachelor Students

QI Haodi

Jodie Ethelda TAN Si Yin

TAY Qijin

Camellia LOK Shu Fen

YIEH Yuheng

Master students

Tan Hwee Lee

Administrative Support

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